Jewish/Gregorian Calendar from January 3 BC to December 1 BC

July 7, Tammuz 24 – Conception of John the Baptist
Dec 9, Tevet 2 – Incarnation (the 8th day of Chanukah) The 8th signifies a new beginning while Chanukah is the feast celebrating the restoration of worship of Yahweh.
March 20, Nissan 15 – Birth of John the Baptist (Jews always leave a place for Elijah at the table as he will return on Passover)
September 13, Tishrei 15 – Birth of Jesus , The Feast of God with Us (Emmanuel), The birth of the Lamb of God
October 12, Cheshvan 14 – Jesus’ Pidyon Haben
October 22, Cheshvan 24 – Mary’s Purification

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